Revista Romana de Boli Infectioase | Vol. XVI, No. 2, Year 2013
ISSN 1454-3389  |  e-ISSN 2069-6051
ISSN-L 1454-3389
DOI: 10.37897/RJID


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CONTENTS  |  CUPRINS  Vol. XVI, Nr. 2, 2013

1. Emerging Infectious Diseases
Ludovic Paun

2. Predicting hotspots for Influenza virus reassortment
Trevon L. Fuller, Marius Gilbert, Vincent Martin, Julien Cappelle, Parviez Hosseini, Kevin Y. Njabo, Soad Abdel Aziz, Xiangming Xiao, Peter Daszak, Thomas B. Smith

3. Description and nomenclature of Neisseria meningitidis Capsule Locus
Odile B. Harrison, Heike Claus, Ying Jiang, Julia S. Bennett, Holly B. Bratcher, Keith A. Jolley, Craig Corton, Rory Care, Jan T. Poolman, Wendell D. Zollinger, Carl E. Frasch, David S. Stephens, Ian Feavers, Matthias Frosch, Julian Parkhill, Ulrich Vogel, Michael A. Quail, Stephen D. Bentley, Martin C.J. Maiden

4. Risk factors for Influenza among health care workers during 2009 pandemic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Stefan P. Kuster, Brenda L. Coleman, Janet Raboud, Shelly McNeil, Gaston De Serres, Jonathan Gubbay, Todd Hatchette, Kevin C. Katz, Mark Loeb, Donald Low, Tony Mazzulli, Andrew Simor, Allison J. McGeer, on behalf of the Working Adult Influenza Cohort Study Group

5. A case of giant rapid evolving Buschke-Löwenstein tumor in an immunocompetent patient
ircea Tampa, Mihaela Anca Malin-Benea, Maria Isabela Sarbu, Vasile Benea, Simona Roxana Georgescu

6. Studiu clinic privind rolul entecavirului in hepatitele cronice cu virus B
Dr. Elena Lelia Iordache, Dr. Gheorghita Aron, Dr. Omer Cecil, Dr. Raluca Oprea, Dr. Liliana Preotescu, Dr. Dan Geo

7. Changes in the clinical and epidemiological profile of acute hepatitis B in the Infectious Diseases Hospital of Iasi in the last 15 years
Andrei Vata, Mihaela Catalina Luca, Carmen Manciuc, Cristina Nicolau, Luminita Gina Vata, Carmen Mihaela Dorobat

8. Rolul consumului de alcool, tutun si al infectiilor virale B si C in etiologia carcinomului hepatocelular
Drd. Elena Mocanu, Prof. Dr. Mariana Aschie, Conf. Dr. Valentin Broasca, Sef Lucr. Dr. Gabriel Becheanu, Asist. Dr. Beatrice Severin, Drd. Sergiu Chirila, Prep. Drd. Liviu Merdinian, Drd. Valentin Moldovan

9. Angiocolite de reflux dupa anastomoze bilio-digestive
Prof. Dr. A. Streinu-Cercel, Prof. Dr. Emanoil Ceausu, Dr. D. Duiculescu, Dr. M. Gh. Ionescu, Dr. M. Lazar

10. Pneumonie cu Pneumocystis Jiroveci la un copil cu adenom de hipofiza secretant de ACTH recent operat - prezentare de caz
Dr. Rodica Rusu, Dr. Simona Tetradov, Dr. Stefan Lazar, Prof. Dr. Emanoil Ceausu, Dr. Camelia Procopiuc

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