Romanian Journal of Infectious Diseases | Vol. 26, No. 2, Year 2023
ISSN 1454-3389  |  e-ISSN 2069-6051
ISSN-L 1454-3389
DOI: 10.37897/RJID


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National Awards “Science and Research”

NEW! RJID has announced the annually National Award for "Science and Research" for the best scientific articles published throughout the year in the official journal.

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Promoting Global Health

The published medical research literature is a global public good. Medical journal editors have a social responsibility to promote global health by publishing, whenever possible, research that furthers health worldwide.

National Awards for “Science and Research”

Romanian National Society of Infectious Diseases, Romanian Medical Association and the Romanian Journal of Infectious Diseases annually offers the National Award for "Science and Research" - for the best and most accessed scientific articles published throughout the year in the official journal.

The award is a recognition of merit in medical scientific literature. The scientific articles published during the previous year are reviewed, selected and awarded by the Editorial Board.
The award is in the form of a Certificate and is given to the lead author in electronic format.

2021 Awards:

» "Antibiotic resistance profile of Klebsiella pneumoniae strains isolated in an infectious diseases clinic"
Lucian Giubelan
, Livia Dragonu, Andreea Cristina Stoian, Florentina Dumitrescu
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.1.4 - [ certificate ]

» "Efficacy of treatment with Ombitasvir, Paritaprevir / R + Dasabuvir over 8 versus 12 weeks in chronic HCV hepatitis genotype 1b"
Mircea Manuc
, Carmen Monica Preda, Laura Iliescu, Doina Istratescu, Andreea Elena Chifulescu, Corina Silvia Pop et al.
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.1.6 - [ certificate ]

» "Methods for screening and prevention of HPV infection – a retrospective study"
Catalina Diana Stanica
, Romina Marina Sima, Raluca Gabriela Ioan, Constantin Dimitrie Nanu, Ilinca Neacsu, Adrian Neacsu
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.1.7 - [ certificate ]

» "Comparison of antimicrobial effect of various oils mixed with zinc oxide – an ex vivo, in vitro study"
Faizal C. Peedikayil
, Akhila Ansari, Chandru TP, Soni Kottayi, Aparna TP, Shabnam Ismail
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.2.5 - [ certificate ]

» "Hepatitis B: knowledge, awareness, vaccination and serological status of vocational school of health services students at a state university in Turkey"
Demet Hançer Aydemir

DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.2.6 - [ certificate ]

» "Evaluation of liver fibrosis and carotid intima-media thickness index (C-IMT) in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus before and after direct-acting antiviral treatment (DAA)"
Raluca Mihaela Dirtu
, George Sebastian Gherlan, Daniel Codreanu, Valentina Simion, Horia Nicolae, Corneliu Petru Popescu et al.
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.2.7 - [ certificate ]

» "Pulmonary cavitation – an unexpected finding in late stage COVID-19 pneumonia (case report)"
Andra Roxana Petrovici
, George-Cosmin Popovici, Manuela Arbune
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.3.3 - [ certificate ]

» "Pancytopenia and Kaposi sarcoma indicators of HIV infection diagnosis: A case report"
Monica Padurariu-Covit
, Gabriela Lupasteanu, Manuela Arbune
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.3.7 - [ certificate ]

» "Antithrombotic treatment in COVID-19 – from theory to practical approach"
Ionela-Larisa Miftode
, Angela Moloce, Radu-Stefan Miftode, Viviana Onofrei
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.3.1 - [ certificate ]

» "The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on lifestyle – a pilot study"
Corina Zugravu
, Teodor Salmen, Ionita Ducu, Bianca Margareta Mihai, Vlad Dima, Costin Berceanu et al.
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.4.5 - [ certificate ]

» "COVID-19 and Basedow disease"
Mihai Cristian Dumitrascu
, Mihaela Popescu, Alice Elena Ghenea, Mara Carsote, Aida Petca, Razvan-Cosmin Petca et al.
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.4.4 - [ certificate ]

» "Hepatitis B in pregnancy – Review of literature and guideline proposal"
Corina Grigoriu
, Roxana Bohiltea, Gina Calinescu, Andra Magdalena Balan, Doru Campean, Irina Horhoianu et al.
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.4.2 - [ certificate ]

» "Post discharge outcomes of patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19)"
David Valentin Mangaloiu
, Mihaela Radulescu, Alina Orfanu, Catalin Tiliscan, Sorin Stefan Arama, Angelica Visan et al.
DOI: 10.37897/RJID.2021.4.1 - [ certificate ]